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Here's where I keep all of the photos and movies of family and friends on this site.


Passover 1971/5731 MPEG4 file

Passover 2002/5762

Passover 2003/5763

Passover 2004/5764

Passover 2005/5765

Passover 2006/5766

Passover 2007/5767

Passover 2008/5768

Passover 2009/5769

Passover 2010/5770

Passover 2011/5771





Walls Weintraut Wedding 6-18-88 is a link to the ALL NEW GALLERY of Steve & Denise Weintraut's wedding 20 years ago, with over ONE HUNDRED photos that were just discovered "in the vaults" and rescanned from the ORIGINAL FILM NEGATIVES. Happy Anniversary you two!

Deena and Dan Messinger's Wedding pictures can be viewed here.

Lucy & Aaron Kaplan's Wedding pictures can be viewed here.

My "littlest" cousin, Cathy & Dan Reynolds got married right before their joint birthday on June 7.

Adam & Connie Rosenthal got married on September 21, 2008. It was a wonderful and amazing wedding in Wilmington, Delaware. The only thing is lacked was Adam serenading his new bride with "California Here I Come!"

B'nai Mitzvah

Lena's Bat Mitzvah Lena is one of my cousins in Pittsburgh, and one of my favorite people!

Sam & Sarah's B'nai Mitzvah Sam and Sarah are Lena's twin cousins in Nashville. They're wonderful, too!

Simon's Bar Mitzvah Simon led the ENTIRE service that Saturday morning! Sadly, I barely got any pictures of him here.

Abby's Bat Mitzvah Abby's my oldest niece out here in Los Angeles. She did a really great job, and the luau at Hillcrest was one of the best parties, ever!

Nathan's Bar Mitzvah Nathan is Sam & Sarah's brother. He did a really terrific job, and everyone had a great time that weekend!

Jonathan's Bar Mitzvah Johnny and his family live outside of Winston-Salem, NC. They had to postpone his Bar Mitzvah when they moved, so he ended up learning two Torah portions!

Eli & Zach’s B’nai Mitvah Another two-fer! Eli & Zach are my cousins Steve & Ricki’s sons. They became Bar Mitzvah at Beth Shalom in Elkins Park, just like me!

Sara's Bat Mitzvah Sara is Johnny's little sister. She did a great job on her Bat Mitzvah portion!

Sami's Bat Mitzvah Well, better late than never! Here's my niece Samantha's Bat Mitzvah pictures from November 2006!

Tracie's Bat Mitzvah Tracie is my youngest niece. I actually moved the day before her Bat Mitzvah and hadn't had any sleep in about two days, which might explain the shirt I was wearing at the party...

Rebecca's Bat Mitzvah Rebecca is Eli & Zach's little sister. She did a Havdalah service on March 15.

Danielle's Bat Mitzvah Linda's daughter, Danielle, did a great job with her Bat Mitzvah. My SB-800 flash? Not so much.



Rio & Buenos Aires in the Summer of 2004 with my mother and sister.

Alaskan Cruise in the Summer of 2005 with the Kapneks, Browns and O'Brien!

United Kingdom in the Winter of 2006 with Aaron and Brad.

Zion & Bryce Canyon National Parks in May 2006 (flying solo)

Dam, that's a Grand Canyon! in August 2006 (flying solo again)

Europe-Summer 2007 - nine days, three cities, is it even possible???

Iceland - Iceland? Really? You couldn't go with Tahiti?

Antelope Canyon - As everyone knows...I lost most of my pictures, but these turned out really well!


Geneology is a link to geneological information about the Borgenicht family. (password protected)







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